Here at NYL Restaurant & Bar, we're wild about the perfect pasta dish. There's nothing better than chowing down on a bowl of fresh and delightfully tasty meatball pasta. Here's Head Chef Alan's top tops to making the ideal meatball pasta:

  • Always use good quality mince for your meatballs, I’d say no more than 20% fat and should be ‘fine ground’ 
  • Pan fry your meatballs first to get the caramelization process going to really deepen the flavour, then braise in the marinara to really to marry the flavours together 
  • Brown sugar and balsamic vinegar are key ingredients for a banging Marinara sauce
  • Oregano is my preferred herb for this dish, but basil is also a good shout (I prefer dried as it gives a fuller flavour)
  • Don’t be shy with the garlic, unless it’s date night! 

 If you don’t fancy making your own, them come and try ours from the Bar Menu every day from 12pm – 10pm!